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The Art of Storytelling: Asking for What You Want

The Art of Storytelling:  Asking for What You Want

What stops you from asking for what you want?

Have you ever hesitated to ask for what you truly desire? The internal stories created by the inner critic often play the role of the villain, weaving tales of fear, rejection, and potential conflicts. In this exploration of the art of storytelling in asking for what you want, we unravel the secrets to overcome these narrative hurdles and script a blockbuster tale of success.




The Power of Belief:

The foundation of successful asking lies in a profound belief that. Your beliefs shape your outcomes, and if you never voice your requests, how can you expect to attain them? The first step in this storytelling journey is to cultivate a strong belief in the possibility of your desires becoming reality.





Guidelines for Making Powerful Request:

1. Crystal-Clear Communication:

Imagine your request as a plot – a clear and concise narrative that captivates your audience. Avoid cryptic plots and ensure that the value of your request shines through. Clearly communicate the win-win scenario for yourself, stakeholders, and the business involved. You can Adapt Your Communication Style and still be authentic.  Who else benefits from a yes? (The Person you are asking?, Your Team, Your Business, Your Customer? Your Market?, Who else?)

  • What specific outcomes or results do you hope to achieve with this request?
  • How does your request align with the goals and objectives of the individuals or entities involved?
  • Are there potential challenges or objections that need to be addressed preemptively in your communication?
  • How can you tailor your message to resonate with the values and priorities of your audiences?
  • Have you considered presenting your request in a story format to make it more engaging and relatable?
  • What supporting evidence or data can you provide to strengthen the case for your request?
  • Are there any potential misconceptions or concerns that you need to proactively address?
  • How can you frame your request in a way that emphasizes the positive impact it will have?

2. Prepare for the Grand Finale:

Anticipate the various responses as if they were plot twists in your story. Envision the standing ovation, the polite applause, or the intriguing silence. Know your actions for a ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘maybe.’ Each response is a valuable twist in the plot that propels your story forward.


  • What is your plan for the standing ovation? 
  • How do you gracefully navigate a ‘yes’ into action?
  • How will you handle polite applause?
  • What is your response to intriguing silence? (remembering silence is the space of thought)
  • How do you navigate a ‘maybe’ holding your values as non-negotiable?
  • How do you use the “maybe” to advance a collaborative conversation?
  • How do you gracefully navigate a ‘no’ to gain insight and perspective?


3. Create Alliances and Sponsorship:

This step is particularly important when you need group consensus. Seek inputs and gain the perspectives, benefits, and concerns of others so that you have ‘yes’ in the room. Create alliances and seek sponsorship to strengthen your request and enhance its chances of approval. And ask for support in the bigger conversation. 


  • How can you identify key individuals who can influence the decision-making process?
  • What strategies can you employ to gain the support and sponsorship of influential figures?
  • In what ways can you build alliances to ensure a more favorable response to your request?


4. End in Gratitude:

Regardless of the response, leave the stage with flair. Express gratitude for the opportunity to voice your request. Even a ‘no’ deserves a bow – it’s a plot twist that might pave the way for a sequel. Gratitude adds a touch of authenticity to your story, leaving a lasting impression.


  • What specific elements or aspects are you grateful for in the response?
  • How can you express gratitude for the time and consideration given?
  • In what ways can you show appreciation for any feedback received, whether positive or constructive?


The Witty Twist:

In this storytelling journey, remember that the power of asking extends beyond the potential ‘yes.’ Embrace the knowledge gained from a ‘no.’ After all, the answer is already ‘no’ if the question never hits the stage. Be the protagonist who dares to ask, knowing that even a ‘no’ is just another plot twist in our blockbuster tale.


Finally, Asking is a Courageous Part of Your Brand 

As you embark on your journey of belief, communication, preparedness, and alliances, embrace the role of a leader who fearlessly asks for what you want. You will stand out as a courageous leader that knows who you are, what you want, and is willing to make the ask. The art of storytelling in asking is a powerful tool, and every response, whether positive or negative, contributes to the richness of your brand. So, go ahead, script your story, and let the world witness the blockbuster tale you’re destined to create. 🌟


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