Archetypes For Leaders

Our Archetypes articles support our Team Archetype Workshops.  When IC’s can relate to characters and their specific traits; Furthermore, when we use the archetypes discuss how those same traits (individuals) work on the team, and identify the team archetypes. You’ll get team who has bought-in to roles + responsibilities, who can quickly align on indiviual and team priorities and who have developed a deeper level of trust to improve authentic communication and overall trust.

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Archetypes For Leaders

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes shape how you take in information, how you react and respond to events, conversations and relationships. And help you to develop a setting for how you behave and interact.

Archetypes For Leaders

Professional SuperPowers Bring Value

Your Professional Superpowers and Why They Matter It’s happened to all of us: you’re in an interview and when they ask, “What are your three

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