professional leadership quiz: Learn the Primary 4 Change Leader Archetypes and how to embrace them.

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Discover your archetypes and how they help you lead change.

Use this quiz to identify primary Change Leadership Archetypes. Learn more about the 4 change laeder archetypes below and get started with Professional Leadership Archetypes Quiz

Understanding your archetypes will give you clarity to use your strengths to support your team and empower others to do the same. Your results will reveal which Change Leadership Skills you currently possess as well as areas for improvement.

What Are Change Leadership Archetypes?

At Catalyst of Awesomeness, we help leaders identify their strengths by discovering their archetypes. This will give you a deeper understanding of your leadership style and how you can use your skills to empower your team and navigate change effectively. Archetype: A set of beliefs and personality traits that govern behavior and influence leadership style and capability. As identified by McKinsey, there are 4 archetypes that are critical for Change Leadership: the visionary, the architect, the coach, and the catalyst. 

Team Collaboration using Leadership Archtypes


The 4 Primary Change Leader Archetypes

The Visionary
  • Visionary leaders inspire others to consider new possibilities and unite their teams behind a strong vision for the future and a clear sense of purpose. This is the person you call when you need to find a new direction.

The Architect

    •  Architect leaders see potential where others see problems. With an eye for details and a keen mind for problem solving, this is the person you call when the system is failing.

The Coach

    • Coach leaders bring out the best in their teams and bring everyone to the table to create solutions that benefit the whole team. With their curious mind and ability to listen closely, this is the person you call when you need support.
The Catalyst 

    • Catalyst leaders make things happen by inspiring others to take bold action in a role that suits their unique talents. With their contagious enthusiasm, this is the person you call when you want to inspire others to get on board.


In order to successfully lead change, a leader must embrace these 4 Archetypes. This quiz will help you identify your strengths as well as what skills need to be developed to ensure successful Change Leadership.