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Heather Evans is a guide and coach for professionals looking to maximize their individual, team, and business potential.

“Our magical story begins with the discovery of who we are individually and how our collective powers will render limitless possibilities for ourselves and our teams. Ready to write your first chapter?” —Colleen Dodson, Healthcare Executive Director, Genentech

Are you ready to reach a higher level of performance? 

Every success story begins with the desire to progress; to move beyond the current experience to something better. The first step to uncovering your full potential is realizing the power of your story and claiming ownership of it. No matter what stage you, your team, or your company are at, defining the story you want to tell and being intentional with it will give you the edge you need to accelerate your progress.

Think of a time when you have seen an athlete before a competition—what do you imagine was going on in their head? They were most likely focusing on their success story: reminding themself that they deserve to be there, that they know what they need to do in order to win, and that they will win. Star athletes know that the confidence needed to achieve great things is not born from negative self-talk. This is true for all of us, whether we are in a stadium or in front of a customer.

Your “inner voice” emphasizes your values and puts a filter over the information you take in. Your thoughts directly influence how you see the world and how you move through different experiences. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Is your inner voice a cheerleader or a bully? The ability to change your story starts with changing that internal monologue to serve you, not stump you.

Your Story: Are you telling the story you want to tell?

Just like a star athlete must physically train their body to remain at peak performance, you must train your mind and be intentional with your thoughts in order to successfully perform in your career. You can practice drowning out your “inner bully” with a louder “inner cheerleader.” Like any other workout, this gets easier with repetition.

Your Team Story: Are you inspiring action in your collaboration?

Teams create their own stories, too. Having the right team story fosters clarity and unified commitment to the success of your mission, keeping everyone on track and at their best. The real magic happens when everyone owns their unique strengths and steps naturally into their roles, expediting the process of collaboration through deeper understanding of your connections to each other.

When the athlete senses a shift in team morale, they know it’s time for a pep talk. Every interaction is a chance to connect on a higher level and cheer each other on.

Encouraging this growth mindset keeps your team moving forward and inspires a predisposition for significant action.

Your Customers: Is your story creating raving customer fans?

High performance teams share powerful stories that allow your customer to be the hero. Your business story builds trust, establishes connection, and inspires action among your clients. The importance of being intentional and owning this story cannot be overstated.

When a team of athletes is performing at the top of their game, the stadium fills up. People are attracted to the powerful energy that comes with great potential– everyone wants to back the winning team. When your team is in the zone, you produce high-quality work that sends a clear message to your clients: “You’ve come to the right place.”

4 Steps to Taking Ownership of Your Story

The challenge to living our story is that we do not slow down long enough to plan out the plot, so we simply “manage through” whatever story unfolds. This is exhausting, inefficient, and does not drive success or inspire significant work.

You can begin to write your story today. I invite you to set a journal ritual this week by taking a daily moment to pause and reflect on the following:

  1. What does success look like (pick a specific time frame and be consistent, 1 year.. 5 years… 25 years…)?
  2. Which of my unique gifts will contribute the most to this success?
  3. What hurdles might get in the way, and what will I do to overcome them?
  4. When this success is achieved, what will be the lasting impact?

At the end of the week, come together as a team to discuss what you wrote and identify the common threads that link your stories together.

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