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Confidence is Contagious: Let’s Talk About Confidence

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Imagine a workforce that’s fully confident, able to make decisions, agile, and innovative. Now imagine the opposite of that. Ever felt that space where your fear is taking over, silencing you, stopping you from engaging or creating camaraderie? Yes, leaders, it is so important that we step in and lead with confidence because it’s contagious.

Three things related to Confidence

  1. Being Confident: What does it take for us to really step into that space of being confident?
  2. Managing the Inner Critic: How do we manage that inner critic that might derail us or keep us silent?
  3. Showcasing Confidence: It’s not enough to just be confident. We must be recognized as confident. So what are the strategic things we can do to really build a brand around confidence?

Being Confident:

I’ve talked to leaders all over the world about confidence. It’s easy to be confident when you’re an expert in something, a great problem solver, or you have a fantastic skill set. But what really drives confidence is our ability to be confident in any situation, even the unknown. To do that, we must be authentic in knowing who we are. When we know our strengths—or superpowers, as we like to call them here at Catalyst of Awesomeness—we know how to leverage them, act on our gifts, and create value in the organization.

Managing the Inner Critic:

What derails us from being confident? It’s that ugly little inner critic. The inner critic is that voice that loves to judge and compare. As confident individuals, we need to let that inner critic go. When you’re comparing or judging others, or judging yourself, it’s not your authentic voice—it’s the voice of that inner critic derailing you from being your best. Know who you are, your gifts, and lean into your value.


Showcasing Confidence:

It’s essential to be recognized as confident. Just as strategic as we are about our business and careers, we need to be strategic about the ways we’re recognized for our confidence. Here are three tips:

  • Have the Hard Conversations: Address the elephant in the room. It takes courage, but everyone will feel relieved.
  • Celebrate Others: Celebrate the talents, gifts, and work of everyone around you. Success is abundant, and when your team succeeds, so do you.
  • Overcome Fears: Overcome the fears that hold you back from being your best every day. Fear of being left out, judged, or wrong is just a way to learn and grow.

What do you do to maintain recognized confidence in your organization and for the people you serve? I’m Heather Evans, executive coach and founder of Catalyst of Awesomeness. Contact Us today for more information on speaking or hosting a workshop at your next team meeting. 

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