Discover Your Archetypes, And Transform to The Leader You Aspire to Be


What we believe, directly influences what we can achieve.

We communicate our beliefs 

through the stories we tell ourselves and others.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford

When we lead with our stories, we discover more about ourselves and each other, opening the door for empathy and trust.

This allows a team to intentionally create the stories of who they are for each other, their customers, and the patients. In the space of change, if we are not intentional, we are at risk of new stories emerging that become barriers to success. Now is the time to lead with stories that build trust and establish connection, stories where your show how you can significantly impact the healthcare system and the lives of patients.

We will focus on playing with archetypes to discover when these patterns are serving you and allowing you to be “best self” and how to recognize when they might be shutting down communication. For example, the warrior archetype  helps us to say no, to fight for ourselves, and to have boundaries; the Caregiver, to be generous and nurturing and, overall, a nice, caring person; and the Sage, to possess a continuing desire to learn and grow. Each also has a shadow side that we can learn to recognize and shift back toward the productive side: The Warrior may be ruthless; the Caregiver can be a suffering martyr; the Sage can be a dogmatist or ideologue

When you realize you are the author of your own story, you are empowered to have greater control over your future direction. Finding your inner compass enables you to be successful maneuvering through changing surroundings.

Behind our behaviors are beliefs that encourage our actions

These beliefs show up as stories around what we value. They help us determine how we take in information and  see the world around us.

We have written these archetype descriptions on a personal level, so that you hear the voice of compassion for both yourself and others. There will be parts that seem true and parts that are not relevant. Our invitation is that you take what is valuable and let go of the rest.

Discover Your Leadership Archetypes



As an achiever, your passion is action. You are a hard worker driven by a strong desire to get things done. You are always ready for the next task. You are a natural leader who instills a bias for action. Learn More


As an advocate, you were born to make a difference. Whether you are socially, politically, or environmentally inclined, you are passionate in bringing about the changes that you wish to see. Learn More


You are not afraid to question the status quo. You possess a curious mind with an aptitude for solving complex problems, and you love to see your innovative ideas translate in the real world. Learn More


You are brilliant at building consensus and generating creative thinking by allowing a diversity of perspectives to enter the discussion. Learn More


As a builder, you are practical, hard-working, independent, and have a keen eye for details. Learn More



As a catalyst, you are a change agent who sparks, ignites, and accelerates transformation and progress. You trigger change all around you. Learn More


As a challenger, you are tenacious, self-confident, industrious, and assertive. You have a clear vision for what you want in life. Learn More


As a coach, you bring out the best in those around you and encourage them to unlock the wisdom they already have within themselves. Learn More


You have a passion for connecting with people and reaching new levels of understanding. You bring visions and big themes to life through your gift of language, and you have the ability to reframe difficult situations. 
Learn More


As a connector, you are led by your compassionate heart and a desire to create harmony in every aspect of your life. You are highly empathetic, with incredible talent for making those around you feel. Learn More


As the creator your passion is to make the world a better place. You are driven by a sense of integrity and justice. You see what is possible and love bringing it to life. You seek perfection. Learn More


As an enthusiast, you seek variety in life. You have a spontaneous nature and a love for adventure and excitement, pursuing new goals with optimism. You go through life like a kid in a candy shop excitedly. Learn More


You see the world as a great adventure. You are energized by the endless possibility of new territory waiting to be discovered. Learn More


As a helper, when others let you into their worlds and accept your help, you feel honored that they chose you to be a part of their life and privileged to be able to help them. Learn More


As an intellectual, you are limitless in your ability to consider a concept or situation from every angle and often arrive at wise conclusions in doing so. You are driven by curiosity. You seek the truth in every aspect of life. Learn More


As an inventor, you are innovative, ambitious, and persistent, with a keen curiosity about the physical world and a logical mind that enjoys working through problems. Learn More


You are driven by desire to be self-sufficient, to observe, and to understand. You find solace in your own mind and prefer to monitor the world around you. Learn More


As a jester, you are clever, mischievous, resilient, and fun-loving. Your ultimate goal is to enjoy life and laugh as much as you can. Learn More


You are passionate about sharing your wisdom to support and encourage others toward their goals. You are generous, helpful, outgoing, uplifting. Learn More


Muse Archeytpe

As the reformer your passion is to make the world a better place. You are driven by a sense of integrity and justice. You see what is possible and love bringing it to life. You seek perfection. Learn More


Networker Archetype

As a networker, you are the nerve center in the midst of endless connections between diverse groups of people. Learn More


Protector Archetype

You are driven by a strong desire to minimize the suffering of those around you and you work selflessly to solve problems that arise. Learn More


Reformer Archetype

As the reformer your passion is to make the world a better place. You are driven by a sense of integrity and justice. You see what is possible and love bringing it to life. You seek perfection. Learn More


Samurai Archetype

You work toward your goals with courage and intuition. You are action-oriented and always pushing forward while you also spend time analyzing and strategizing, having the confidence that you will not give up until you succeed. Learn More


Servant Archetype

As a servant, you are driven by your desire to do things that benefit those around you. You are deeply compassionate, humble, and incredibly generous in how much of yourself… Learn More


Shapeshifter Archetype

You are highly resourceful and able to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. You have a wealth of skills, knowledge, and talents that serve you well in a variety of roles and you love to step up to the challenge. Learn More


Warrior Archetype

You are inspired with a strong sense of duty and willingness to fight for just causes. Although you may seem fearless, your bravery is driven by your passion for creating purposeful change. Learn More

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Archetypes influence us as Leaders and/or Team players.

We are all leaders. Your contributions influence the way others think and respond. If for every action there is a reaction, then even the action of staying silent shapes the thoughts and actions of those around you.  When you become aware of your natural patterns then you can understand the interpretation of others. So that your intention stays in the space of service to yourself and others. Sometimes however, what we do and say can have unintended consequences.

The Unintended Consequences of your Archetypes Shadow

Before you read about the shadow side, I invite you to see this as an opportunity for growth. Your intentions are pure and yet they can create discord in your collaboration.

The power of knowing how your shadow side might impact you and others is to acknowledge it to your teammates “what you might do to annoy them” and empower them with requests to help you shift quickly.

If these behaviors are relevant to you, acknowledge that you are there and invite yourself to shift back to the intention of your action. Not all shadow behaviors are relevant to each person.