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 Career Trap! Plus, Ways to Avoid!

Heather Evans coaches professionals looking to maximize their individual, team and customer potential.

If you are not actively choosing your own career path, someone else will choose it for you. 

When we let ourselves be guided by what others want or need from us without considering what we want for ourselves, we end up in situations that leave us feeling uninspired, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

These Common “Career Traps” Keep You Stuck 

Watch out for Career Traps



“Destiny” Career Trap: Directed by the Inspiration of Others 


Growing up, you were surrounded by people who saw your potential. These influential figures may have been parents, teachers, friends, spiritual leaders, coaches, or mentors. They created a story of  “What you could/should be…” and this influenced your actions and plans for the future. Your young mind was molded by these influential figures who wanted the best for you. The trouble is, they were looking at your potential through the lens of their personal values, experiences, and wishes.


As you developed your own worldview, you found that your passion did not align with the plans others laid out for you. You felt beholden to live up to their expectations, and the result put you on a path that pleases everyone but you. You may be great at your job, but you short-change yourself by staying in a career that doesn’t drive your passion and sense of purpose. 


You deserve a fulfilling career that allows you to make the most of your unique gifts and explore your own passions. 


“Tap on the Shoulder” Career Traps: Directed by Your Own Success


Uh-oh, you completed a task that felt uninspiring and drained your energy, but you did it so well that others now consider you the go-to person for this task. It feels great to be the one everyone wants on their team and it’s always nice to be seen as an expert, but what we are good at is not always our passionate and purposeful work. We all love feeling valuable and appreciated, but this flattery cannot replace the long term satisfaction of being free to do what you love.


In this career trap, you end up feeling like a prized tool in someone else’s belt, supporting their dreams rather than living your own. It is natural for others to see where your talents would be useful to them, but don’t sell yourself short just to fill in the gaps of what is needed. Trust yourself and your true talents. 


People will be even more excited to have you on their team when they see the full power of your gifts, and you deserve to love what you do.


The “OMG” Career Trap: Directed by the Misery of Your Current Job or Leader


This one starts with thoughts like “I gotta get out of here!” You know what you don’t want, and find yourself running from that career or leaders rather than running toward what you really want. This career trap is a cycle of simply going on to the next unfulfilling job. “Anything but this!” is not a plan for the future, it’s an emergency escape route.


Without a solid plan, you get stuck in a cycle of escape. This is exhausting and does not set you up for success or finding the career that you actually want. These “OMG” moves are based in fear and catastrophic visions of the future that could be, and they leave you reacting to theoretical situations that might not even happen. In this space of stress and anxiety, you settle for less than you deserve and simply repeat the cycle. 


You deserve to find the right landing spot, and you will be much better prepared for an interview when you have a strong plan to work toward a career that will sustain you.


Be courageous with your career and get unstuck.

Imagine going to work every day excited about what the day holds for you. Imagine knowing that you are bringing your best gifts and best self to the work that you do. Imagine feeling excited about passionate work that is driven by what you value. Imagine being valued for the work that you do because it is a gift that only you have. Imagine leaving work with more energy.


An Invitation to Choose Your Calling


There are 3 questions that open the possibility for your dream career: 

  1. What do I want my professional & personal  life to be?
  2. What unique gifts (Superpowers) allow me to bring my highest value to the work I do?
  3. What significant impact do I want to make?


At Catalyst of Awesomeness, we know for certain that when people choose the direction that they want and live into that path, they set themselves up for a meaningful career and a purposeful life. They feel energized by their work rather than coming home exhausted with nothing left to give to the people they care most about.


When your purpose is in alignment with your gifts and you are doing what you love, anything is possible.


At Catalyst of Awesomeness, we believe that organizations gain a competitive edge when their people are at their best in both their personal and professional lives. Our programs serve change leaders and professionals at every level. We coach individuals to get clear about what they want, identify the value of their unique talents, and use those gifts to advance their careers. We guide leaders and their teams to find synergy with each other and build trust in a way that elevates their performance to a higher level. We support organizations through times of change and restructuring in a manner that empowers their personnel and adds value for their customers. Read more blogs.

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