Authentic Leadership Academy

Leadership is not a Title but a way of Being

Shift Your Stories To New Possibilities And Realize Your Greatest Potential. Lead Others To Transform Their Stories And Change The World.

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Our mission is to empower leaders with the belief and confidence in themselves and others that igites a culture of trust, respect, collaboration and innovation for extrodinary work.

At Catalyst of Awesomeness, we believe that leadership is an opportunity to truly serve others. Our Authentic Leadership Accelerator (ALA) program is here to help you develop your team into authentic, empowered and accountable leaders that have the trust, communication and influence needed to be successful with the people and purposeful work they serve. Not only will they become more self-aware of their individual superpowers and kryptonite, but they’ll also learn how to lead with greater intentionality so that everyone feels valued and appreciated. They’ll create a culture where collaboration and innovation can thrive!

Our program combines storytelling, confidence building & powerful learning experiences – your teams will come away feeling inspired, motivated & ready for action! Imagine watching as those around you unlock their unique leadership superpowers – it’s contagious! Your leaders are the catalyst for awesomeness and create lasting change that resonates throughout your whole team and beyond! unleash your inner leadership superpowers!

Imagine being able to foster collaboration within the workplace naturally because everyone feels seen, heard & respected – it’s possible when everyone brings their “authentic” selves into the room! 

Authentic Leadership Academy
Will Transform Individuals, Teams and Organizations

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