The Ambassador

brilliant at building consensus and generating creative thinking

The Ambassador

You are brilliant at building consensus and generating creative thinking by allowing a diversity of perspectives to enter the discussion. You strive to bring people together, giving all everyone a voice. You are a natural peacemaker, the Ambassador demonstrates a high level of  social intelligence with charm and strong listening skills. You develop a genuine interest in and talent for fostering positive feelings in the people whose cooperation and support you need.

Acting as a diplomat, the Ambassador sub-archetype works to resolve disputes. The Ambassador strategically maneuvers complex issues or relationships to restore stability on common ground. The challenge for this sub-archetype lies in the potential to misuse its influence.

As a leader, you value agreement amongst the team. In your view there is little to be gained from conflict and friction, so you seek to hold these to a minimum. 

When you notice that the people hold differing views, you focus on identifying the common ground. You seek harmony and try to steer them away from confrontation. In fact, harmony is one of your guiding values.

Your Core Beliefs:

You believe in finding consensus and support and can’t quite believe how much time is wasted by people trying to impose their views on others. Wouldn’t we all? You believe we would be more productive if we kept our opinions in check and instead looked for consensus and support. You live by that belief. When others are sounding off about their goals, their claims, and their fervently held opinions, you hold your peace. When others strike out in a direction, you will, in the service of harmony, willingly modify your own objectives to merge with theirs (as long as their basic values do not clash with yours).

When others start to argue about their pet theory or concept, you steer clear of the debate, preferring to talk about practical, down-to-earth matters on which you can all agree. In your view we are all in the same boat, and we need this boat to get where we are going. It is a good boat. There is no need to rock it just to show that you can.

In attempting to establish harmony and stability, however, the Ambassador may foster an environment that produces endless meetings and directionless employees.

Life’s Lesson Questions:

  • Why I relate to this archetype: Being an advocate for people, solving disputes and mediating, looking for common ground to build relationships and solve problems, hearing all sides

  • Main desire of this archetype: Bringing people together, build consensus, restoring common ground to find a path forward

  • When this archetype does not support me : Shuts down if in an environment where everyone is not allowed to have their own voice. Sometimes people are not solving a problem and just need to talk, not find consensus

  • The value of my archetype to the team: Ability to bring people together from all walks of life and different experience levels, openly discussing issues and arrive at appreciating each other as individuals. Acting as a guide to help form a consensus and move forward.