you are clever, mischievous, resilient, and fun-loving


As a jester, you are clever, mischievous, resilient, and fun-loving. Your ultimate goal is to enjoy life and laugh as much as you can. You live life in the moment, with a wonderful ability to find joy in everything. 

In the workplace, you tend to prefer working with the team rather than assuming a leadership role, but your quick wit is helpful for more than just a good joke. You can think through situations quickly, often adding a unique perspective to discussions and giving solid advice in times of uncertainty. If discussions get heated, you offer up your talents to ease the tension, and your teammates appreciate that about you. You have a wonderful talent for making even mundane tasks enjoyable with your lighthearted energy, and this can really boost workplace morale. 

People are naturally drawn toward your magnetic spirit. You remind others that its okay not to take themselves too seriously, and you love the chance to lighten the mood. You possess a great strength in your courage to say things that people need to hear, from criticism to bad news, and you can deliver these messages in a way that keeps the mood light and allows people to absorb what you say without getting defensive. You’re the go-to friend when others need to be cheered up or distracted from the woes of the world, and you love that. 

Your Core Beliefs:

You know that as long as you have joy in your heart, you can get through even the hardest times. You don’t believe in taking life or yourself too seriously, and you make a point to keep others from taking themselves too seriously as well. Life is short and you refuse to waste time, choosing to live in the moment and enjoy as much of it as you can.  

You fear being bored, boring others, and being forced to confront painful feelings. Fear is a healthy emotion that alerts us when it is time to get prepared. Fear alerts us to the fact that something needs assessing.  When you live in the space of fear it can become paralyzing and confusing. The feelings of anxiety and overwhelm can present themselves as guarded and tense. The opportunity is to embrace the fear as your friend. Shift the shallow breath to a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this fear justified?” If so, “What do you need to prepare for?” It is also an opportunity to shift your story. Are you telling the story of coping vs masking, lighthearted jokes vs harsh jabs, or optimism vs toxic positivity?


So, before you read the shadow side, I invite you to see this as an opportunity for growth. Feedback is often not your friend as you might worry that you are bringing others down rather than lifting them up. Your intentions are pure, yet they can create discord in your collaboration.

As a jester, you prefer to see the bright side of life rather than focusing on the negatives. This is an excellent quality to have and others certainly appreciate your ability to brighten things up, but if the jester is not serving you, it can lead you to avoid the reality of a situation that may require you to be present in serious discussions. In times of great stress, it is sometimes important to sit through discomfort and make a plan to move forward, and others may misinterpret any well-meaning attempts to lighten the mood as a sign that you do not care about the gravity of the situation. Your quick wit can serve you well in times of conflict if you focus on solutions, and once the situation is handled, those around you will welcome your unique ability to lighten up the mood. 

Your desire to enjoy every moment of life is a worthy endeavor. However, if the jester is not serving you, you may find that your preference for fun and entertainment can leave you avoiding what you feel are mundane tasks and responsibilities, and this can lead to mismanaging your time. There is certainly a time for play, but there also needs to be a time for work and focus.  Those around you may grow frustrated if they feel that you are holding up the team’s progress, so it is sometimes best to work hard before you play hard. 

Your ability to make others laugh is something your friends treasure about you. Your excellent sense of humor is a great asset for boosting morale in the workplace as well, but if the jester is unchecked, you may find that you can get caught up in having fun and accidentally cross the line for what is acceptable at the workplace. While this would never be your intention, others may feel uncomfortable if jokes get a bit too pointed or inappropriate, so it is best to keep your humor light-hearted and work-friendly. While many people partake in self-deprecating humor, others may not enjoy laughs at their expense. 

Life is not always easy for the jester. Humor helps you cope with negative feelings and experiences, but it can also be isolating when nobody knows what you are truly going through. There are days when even the best coping mechanisms fail us, and in times that your humor is not enough to avoid negative emotions, it can leave you feeling helpless. 

Jesters make good comedians, bartenders, receptionists, personal assistants, event hosts, and talk show hosts. 


  • Will Ferrell

  • Melissa McCarthy

  • Jim Carey

  • Joey in Friends

Life’s Lesson Questions:

  • Do others need me to be serious in this moment

  • How can I get through this tension without making jokes?

  • Am I managing my time properly?

  • Do I know where to draw the line when joking with this group?