4 Leadership Styles that Inspire Authenticity & Trust

Powerful Synergies for Authentic, Servant, Collaborative, and Inclusive Leaders

Are you a leader who wants to inspire people to be their best, contribute to their highest potential, and deliver high performance in your team?

Who you are as a leader, influences the talent and motivation of your team.

In this blog post, we’ll explore four different leadership styles that can help you get the most out of your team. We’ll also give you some tips on how to use each style effectively. Let’s take a look at four distinct leadership styles that you can use to create powerful synergies in your leadership:

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leaders create a foundation for trust by communicating with confidence, conviction, and clarity. They lead with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Leaders who follow this style create an environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves without fear of judgment or retribution. 

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By embracing authenticity with both your team members and customers alike, you can create a culture of values that will result in more meaningful conversations and relationships between yourself and others. Authentic leaders move their team members to take action through understanding and empathy. Confidence in others’ potential is a key trait of an authentic leader, as they strive to bring out the best in their team and capitalize on everyone’s strengths. 


Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is about putting others first and creating an atmosphere where people are encouraged to develop their skills and reach their full potential. This type of leadership involves inspiring your team members through mentorship as well as providing them with the resources they need to succeed. The focus is on serving the needs of those who work with you while also striving for mutual success within the organization.

Servant Leaders inspire, develop, and equip others to bring their highest potential to purposeful work. They understand the vision, strategy, and goals and clear a path for their team to perform at their best.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leaders focus on engaging all members of the team in order to make decisions together rather than having one leader dictate what should be done. Collaborative leaders are gifted active listeners. They have a curiosity to understand the unique perspectives of each individual and are able to find common ground from these different points of view.

This style of leadership requires empathy, dialogue, and a willingness to compromise in order to reach shared goals. Collaborative leaders strive for mutual understanding and respect through open communication and problem-solving skills.

By utilizing collaborative techniques such as brainstorming sessions or group discussions, leaders can ensure that every team member has an equal opportunity to contribute towards achieving success for the entire organization. Collaborative Leaders coach with clarity, curiosity, and connection that ignites creativity in others. Their curiosity and innovation inspire others to explore possibilities. By empowering their team members, they can unleash new ideas and discoveries that lead to high performance. They support collaboration between team members by promoting clarity of roles and responsibilities. 

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders focus on creating an atmosphere where everyone feels valued regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other differences between individuals within the organization. Inclusive Leaders strive for diversity within their teams by recognizing the unique gifts and perspectives that each person brings. They respect everyone’s contributions and know that together they reach extraordinary innovation and success.

Inclusive Leaders embrace the individual gifts and perspectives of each person so they can contribute to a greater cause with a sense of belonging. They create an open environment where each person is treated with dignity and respect, creating harmony in the team. They value the different perspectives of each individual so that everyone feels heard and respected so that everyone contributes toward the same goal.  Related: Authentic Leaders Focus on Trust



All four types of leadership—authentic, servant, collaborative, and inclusive— can help you bring out the highest potential of your teams and increase their success as high-performing teams. Each style has its unique approach to inspiring and motivating people, but all have a common goal: to unlock everyone’s potential and help them contribute their highest value.

Start by considering your strengths as a leader and opportunities to grow your leadership in other areas. Leaning into all of these styles, you can create a positive atmosphere where everyone is driven to perform at their best, and success will follow.

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