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In this article, we share a proven plan (also in PDF format) to create a high performance team to build trust, improve collaboration and business growth.

30 day transformation team plan (with pdf download)

Our 30 day transformation team plan (with pdf download) is step-by-step actionable interactive mini-guide designed to help teams perform their best, get on the same page and buy-in to the shared vision. These simple, yet highly effective activities will leaders lead effectively.

Four Steps to  build your High-Performance team

Struggling to stay on the same page, stepping on toes, missing big opportunities, or feeling overwhelmed yet underappreciated… If we just described your workplace experience, it’s time to transform your team. 

Here at Catalyst of Awesomeness, we know that high-performance teams don’t just happen. In order for your team to reach peak performance and deliver the most impressive results, you need more than a group of talented and capable individuals. You need a group of talented individuals who unite behind a shared vision of success and collaborate on a higher level to bring out the best in each other. 


This 30 Day Transformation Will Improve Your Team’s Performance.

This 4-week challenge will address various aspects of your team dynamics that affect your potential to succeed. From what you tell yourself to how you communicate with each other, shifting from harmful to helpful will help your team connect and collaborate on a higher level. 

Week 1: Own Your Story

Get clear about who you are and what you can achieve.

Your story is a combination of the beliefs and behaviors that define how you show up in the world for yourself and for those around you. In other words, your inner thoughts are the narrator that brings your story to life through your actions in the real world. You achieve only what you believe to be possible. 

Understanding the power of your individual and shared stories gives your team the clarity to step into their roles with confidence. Week 1 will help your team understand their value and how to bring the full power of their talents forward so your collaborative efforts surge with potential. 

Week 2: Shake Your “Should’a” 

Beat the blame game by cutting out “should” statements.

Your inner voice can be your toughest critic or your biggest supporter. The things you say to yourself become your beliefs, and your beliefs become the parameters of what you can achieve. For instance, if we tell ourselves that something is impossible, we automatically limit our potential to achieve it because we have already admitted defeat. 

Similarly, the language a team uses can either help or hinder their efforts. Week 2 will address blaming and shaming language that stifles collaboration and replace it with language that empowers your team to reach their full potential. 

Week 3: Bust Your “Buts”

Overcome barriers to success by replacing “but” with “and”.

“Yes, but…” is just a no in disguise, and it leaves people feeling defeated rather than empowered. “But” is an inhibitor that instantly creates an obstacle rather than proposing a solution. When you make a conscious effort to shift any “but” statements to “and” statements, you shift the energy of the conversation and make it productive rather than limiting. 

For example, instead of saying “but there is no room for that in our budget” you can say “and we can take another look at the budget to make this work.” Week 3 will teach your team to communicate from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. 

Week 4: Teamwork to Dreamwork

Define your team’s culture by telling your success story together.

What you choose to focus on is what you will attract. In order to continue telling the story of a high-performance team, you must take the time to acknowledge progress, share success stories, and celebrate how far you have come as a team. 


Reminding each other that your contributions are valuable and appreciated reinforces a high-performance team culture. Week 4 will show you how to make a lasting change to your team’s culture and continue the progress you have made together. 


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30 Day Transformation Team Plan: 4 Steps to High-Performance

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